Two Years Of HVAC Marketing!

TLC Presidential Is Celebrating Two Years In Business!

Five Lessons Learned In Marketing For HVAC Companies

At TLC Presidential, we are fortunate to have worked with various HVAC companies over the past few years. We’ve held HVAC seminars, built sales books, created sponsorship posters for Major League baseball stadiums, and more! We’ve had ups and downs like any new business might and most importantly we’ve learned a ton about the HVAC business. What’s the most important thing we’ve learned? Always put the homeowner first.

1). The Homeowner Always Comes First!

What we’ve learned in the past few years is to organize a truly great marketing campaign to attract homeowners we must always put the customers needs first. As business owners and management it is seemingly valuable to concentrate on our own goals, agendas, deadlines and needs. We’ve found better results, however, by taking time to consider the needs of the customer and creating marketing campaigns that resonate with the homeowner. Building something memorable is key.

2). Don’t Waste Time Without A Gameplan

What is a marketing campaign? To me, an NFL season is a marketing campaign and any given game during the season is a single advertisement. That being said, NFL teams go through a lot of work to ensure that they win. The good ones anyhow. An HVAC marketing campaign is similar.

To win in business:

  • We must understand our competition
  • We must understand our customers
  • We must understand our team

3). Take Time To Build An Interesting Campaign

Building a marketing campaign that meets or exceeds expectations takes a strategy that is truly unique to the specific business. Marketing is not data entry nor accounting. To get serious results that truly impact our company’s bottom line we must first take the time to plan and be creative. AKA work smart not hard. It’s far better to have a few well executed and cohesive components that make up a marketing campaign than to just take a shotgun approach to creating advertisements. Focus the customer’s attention on a specific valuable offering for a pre-set amount of time and then you can better figure out how well the campaign worked.

4). You’ve Got To Pay To Play

We have all heard the saying you’ve got to spend money to make money and it’s true. But here’s the silver lining. HVAC marketing both online and offline can be extremely inexpensive. Don’t forget that Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook and others are strictly advertising companies. Through careful consideration and a well written marketing campaign it is easy to attract many new customers for very few dollars. Best of all, online marketing is very trackable so that we can easily see the return on our investment.

5). Early Money Is Like Yeast (E.M.I.L.Y)

E.M.I.L.Y is an acronym for Early Money Is Like Yeast. This means that business you take away from the competition during your early years in business will provide outstanding dividends over time. It is tough for us to sit by and watch some of our newer customers sitting idly by and refusing to spend any money on marketing during the early years of their business. In fact this drives me nuts! Referrals are outstanding. Let’s say that $15,000 worth of marketing in a year brings on $20,000 of business that would otherwise go to competitors. The next year you’ve now got additional marketing budget to grow your company but you’ve also earned free referrals and can enjoy free business that way too! How do you lose?

In Summary

We hope that after reading this blog post you are a bit more comfortable with HVAC marketing and what goes into a successful marketing campaign. We have studied the customer tendencies and how they react to advertising and this is our list of five lessons that we’ve learned. This information is likely valuable to any business owner in any industry but in our case we only work in heating and cooling field so that’s all we can promise. Please give us a call if you’d like to go through a consultation or are considering hiring TLC Presidential to handle your marketing budget next year. Cheers!